An inspiring poetic-aesthetic fairy tale about the search for love.


Four women and their companions are on their way to a summer festivity. 

They have been invited by a bus driver who used to drive them on his regional line and now wants to celebrate his retirement in the mountain cabana he has equipped for himself.

One of the women is a single mother. She leaves her 11 years old daughter alone for the weekend.

The girl is terribly disappointed and casts a spell, wishing her mother dead and the whole world to collapse. 

While the little party in the mountains is getting acquainted all of a sudden combat jets are flying unusually low over the group and a large helicopter is attempting a landing on the forest street right in front of the mountain hut.

An unusual thunderstorm followed by a trembling of the earth alarms the festive company, after having enjoyed up to now a relaxed and flirtatious atmosphere. Cast off from any civilization they are now trying to spend their allegedly last evening in a meaningful way.